Kevin is absolutely incredible. For our wedding, we wanted someone who would capture a blend of photo-journalistic and traditionally posed photos, and Kevin did exactly that. He has an incredible eye and a creative approach, and his photos are truly one of a kind. Aside from his talent (which is considerable), Kevin has a heart of gold. My parents were wedding photographers for nearly 30 years, so I had very high expectations when seeking a photographer; Kevin surpassed them all. He is truly one of a kind!


My name is Kevin and I am a couple/wedding photographer based in New York City

What makes me obsess about photography the most is that I get to capture very special moments in time. This can be a simple photo with a friend or an intimate moment with a loved one. All these moments hold a special place in all of us. Life goes by way too fast and I want my photos to help us stop, relive and reexperience those moments most dear to us. This is what your wedding day is supposed to be about. A day filled with the memories of all your loved ones as you celebrate the start of a new journey together. A day filled with laughter, cheers, and tears and I want to be there to capture it all!

If are planning a wedding, elopement, or engagement, please feel free to browse my work and if it resonates with you don't hesitate to reach out!

If you have any questions or like to know more about me, feel free to reach out!

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